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Customer Care Instructions

Congratulations and thank you for having chosen one of the worlds best beds. To maximize your enjoyment, please make certain to follow these important care instructions:

Top Mattress (Pillow Top):

  • For the first year, Rotate and Flip the top mattress (pillow top) every month to better retain original shape and to ensure even break in and settling. After the first year, your top mattress should be flipped and rotated seasonally. Vacuum on a periodic basis.


Your Jussi bed system requires that the Top Mattress be used on top of the main mattress or Scandinavian style bed. Lying directly onto the Main Mattress without the Top Mattress will result in the improper use of the bed system which may void any and all warranty. (See Limited Warranty restrictions).

Main Mattress:

  • Flip and rotate your main mattress once a year to ensure that it breaks in evenly. Mattresses that are made with two firmness (split firmness) should be flipped head to foot, but not rotated so as to keep the correct firmness on the same side.

Base Boxspring:

  • Boxsprings do not need to be rotated or flipped.


If your Jussi Bed is on Bed Legs, please ensure that all the legs including the center support legs are kept tight by checking these every 6 months and tightening as needed. (See Limited Warranty restrictions).


  • The Jussi Headboard is a decorative accessory and can attach to the bed with support brackets, but these brackets are not designed to handle the weight of a person leaning against the headboard. The typical headboard installation requires that the headboard attach to the bed, but also lean against the wall. Additional support brackets can be ordered with any Jussi headboard for additional strength and are recommended if the headboard can not be placed against a wall. (See Limited Warranty restrictions).

Cleaning Tips:

  • Spray foam cleaning solutions may be used for surface spot stain removal. Select a product that states that it will not leave water marks on fabric. Some cleaning solutions may discolour the fabric and leave water stains. Vacuum on a periodic basis.

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Jussi Scandinavian Beds on Instagram
Jussi Scandinavian Beds on Facebook
Jussi Scandinavian Beds on Twitter